Portable keyboard piano child

Portable keyboard piano child

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Baby features:

1, 49 keys can be rolled up the keys to the international standard keys, the keys can be rolled up, small size, easy to carry.

2, the keyboard surface with a function hotkey, easy to adjust your favorite rhythm.

3. 8 groups of drum rhythm, one button and one tone, recording and playback function, 16-level volume control, 32-level beat control, automatic sleep power saving function.

4, built-in 16 kinds of sound.

5, built-in 10 kinds of rhythm.

6, built-in 6 demo songs, for learning and enjoying classic songs.

7, the built-in speaker sound is round and crisp, melodious.

8, external headphones, external DC power supply.

Power: 3 AA batteries or DC 6V adapter (Note: power supply, battery separately)

Keyboard size: Control box: 10 (length) × 22.2 (width) × 2.2 (height) cm

Keyboard: 73 (length) × 17.1 (width) × 0.3 (height) cm

Keyboard weight: 720 grams

Single package: neutral color box

This piano is very suitable as a gift, a toy or a piano. Many parents invest thousands of yuan to buy a piano, but children do not want to learn, hanging at home. We should better cultivate the children's interest first. This piano has 5 diatonic scales, 128 sounds, 100 rhythms, and 40 demo songs, including piano, saxophone, harp, guitar and other different sounds. Let the children listen to the sound when they are tired. song. (More importantly, it also comes with MIDI capabilities to connect to a computer, edit and create music.

Connect to a computer, edit and create music. And can input the music you play into your computer.

Description of the MIDI function: The MIDI function is mainly connected to the computer for composing and editing songs. This function is available on Yamaha and Casio high-end electronic keyboards. This function is not very useful for general learners, mainly for professional learning. Electronic music people, and now there are not many good MIDI lines on the market, the quality is good, the price is relatively expensive, there are some brands of hand-rolled pianos on the market using MIDI chips, as long as the cheap USB cable can be, but because this technology is not yet Mature, there will be a fatal shortcoming, that is, easy to lose data, often played 15 notes, only 10 appeared, so big brands such as Yamaha and Casio keyboards do not use the USB interface, they are all using professional MIDI interface. Everyone can go to a professional electronic music engineer!