Smell Removing Pet Brush
Smell Removing Pet Brush

Smell Removing Pet Brush

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It is easy to use, disinfects and disinfects pets, eliminates pet odors, does not make pets allergic, and is also safe for pets, for pets that are allergic or injured.
It is not only an ordinary dog grooming tool, but also a new technology that integrates comb, sterilization, disinfection and deodorization functions into one product.
The strong oxidizing ability of ozone plays a role of sterilization and deodorization, and the safe and environmentally friendly processing technology can help sterilization, disinfection and removal of odors.
Designed to have round comb teeth, gentle to the skin, comfortable grip and durable comb, which can penetrate into the inner hair of the animal without hurting the skin.
The brush not only protects the skin and hair, but also massages the animal's head. Your pet will like to be brushed.

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Hair drier*1