Smart Food Bowl
Smart Food Bowl
Smart Food Bowl
Smart Food Bowl

Smart Food Bowl

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Obesity in pets is usually due to excessive food intake. Owners may view food as a way to reward and treat their pets, which contributes to overfeeding. Pets confined to a house or small yard which are not regularly exercised are more prone to obesity

Your dog is not actually hungry, but eating whenever food is offered.
It’s hard to resist those big brown dog eyes when a dog looks at you…so you give him a treat. This reinforces the food seeking behavior in the dog. And since the dog eats, you feel that he really was hungry. It’s an endless cycle.
Dogs are born beggars. They will beg, plead, bark, whine or even do tricks to get some food. Sometimes dogs can become problematic when they see their owner eating. This behavior may lead many dog owners to believe that their dog is always hungry.
Consuming too many calories over a long period of time will lead to increased weight, digestive difficulties, and depression.
We all drink from some sort of cup everyday, but just because we call it cup, does not make it a true measurement of volume. Why is this important? Because when it comes to your pet’s weight and their overall health, the myriad of empty containers people frequently use to scoop their pet's kibble aren't the “cups” we veterinarians (and the back of the pet food bags) are talking about. 
The Smart Food Bowl prevents obesity by helping you to keep an eye on the amount of food they are eating using a build in weighing scale. Balanced nutrition is key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.
The Smart Food Bowl has been created using BioCleanAct material, which can effectively prevent the bacteria from forming in the bowl. This helps to keep food fresher for longer, and makes it easier to clean.
Battery box is sealed and its bottom has holes for drainage. Wash it simply by rinsing under running water. Our Smart Food Bowl has been certified by a number of international institutions for the safe serving of food for animals, including RoHS, CE, FCC and FDA in US.
Suitable for Cats and Dogs. 🐱🐶