Friends&Family Lamp - Setup Guide


1. Turn it on!

2. Connect the lamp to a USB charger or laptop with the provided USB cable.  The lamp will turn blue, and then after a few seconds it will turn red.

3. Find the Friend Lamp Wifi - When lamp is red, connect to the new Wi-Fi network named “FriendLamp_xxxxx”. You can do this with a mobile phone, or on a PC/MacBook.

4. Press Configure Wifi - Once connected to the Wi-Fi, there will be a popup asking you to sign in to the Wi-Fi, press the popup and it will take you to the sign in page.

If there is no popup, please proceed to a web browser and enter the following into the address field “”, which will take you to the same page.

5. Connect the lamp to your home Wifi

- The next page should list all the Wi-Fi networks in your area, if your network does not appear, please press the scan link at the bottom of the page.

- Once you see your Wi-Fi network, press it and enter your Wi-Fi password.

- Finally and most importantly, please enter your allocated GroupID. This same GroupID must be used for all the lamps on your network. Think of any common word that only you and your friend / partner will know.


The friendship lamp has quite a few functions and they are all controlled with just one sensitive touch button!

Contact other lamps: with a single touch you can contact all the other lamps on your GroupID

Change colour: we have many colours to choose from with our Friendship lamp, when you hold your finger on the touch button, the colour options will start to cycle through. Just hold down until you see the colour you want. The lamp will stay on for another 5 seconds and then turn off.

- Turn lamp off: if for any reason you would like to stop the lamp shining, you can simply hold down the button for 2 seconds and release and you will turn off the lamp. Please note that if you or your friend touches a Friendship Lamp the lamp will turn on again, so you don’t have to worry about shutting your friend out.

Change WiFi settings: although you will most likely not need to do this, you can enter the WiFi configuration mode by touching the button for around 30 seconds. You will notice that the lamp cycles through all the colours a number of times, but eventually it will turn dim red and stay like that. At this point you can connect to the Friends&Family Lamp’s Wifi and change the WiFi settings of the GroupID. This may be useful if you want to make sure that the lamps are on the same network if they are not working properly.


The lamp lets you know what it is doing by showing you any of the following colours:

Dim blue – I am just turning on and connecting

Dim red – I am unable to connect to WiFi and I would like to be set up

Dim purple – I am downloading and installing an update, just wait ’till I am swirling green and ready to go!

Swirling green – I am connected and ready to go!